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Starting Your CBD Journey

Updated: Dec 29, 2020

Maybe you heard it through a news segment on health and wellness…

Maybe you’ve been curious to try it after experiencing pain that won’t go away…

Maybe it was recommended to you by a trusted friend or family member…

But no matter what the reason you were introduced to Hemp derived CBD in the first place, know that there are millions of its daily users around the world who started just like you. Each and every one of us began with the same pain, confusion and sense of being over-whelmed.

We at Cachet Brands are here to help make things easier. We’re here to give you facts and stories pertaining to how CBD can better your life, assist in pain relief, and do it all without breaking the bank. But most importantly, we at Cachet Brands pledge to be your daily stop for support in all things related to CBD and health. This blog will be updated to keep you informed on the many ways cannabinoids can be used enhance and ease your daily life.

But first…

What is CBD?

CBD (or cannabidiol) is one of the naturally occurring compounds found in the hemp plant. The compound is extracted from the plant and combined with a carrier (like oil) to create products which are then used for a variety of health and wellness purposes.

The most common ways of using CBD are either ingesting the oil itself or applying it to the skin through lotions and balms. While the health benefits range widely depending on the manner and frequency with which CBD is used, the most active use is for pain reduction and inflammation. Many users claim consistent CBD use is one the best and most natural ways in which they can combat frequent pain without the use of pharmaceutical drugs.

But speaking of pharmaceutical drugs…

Is CBD Even Legalized?

Because of its relation to the hemp plant, which in turn is used to harvest marijuana, there is a constant sense of unease and debate over the legalities of CDB. It is important to know that, while federally legal, each state sets its own laws and regulations for the sale and use of CBD, which in turn causes quite a bit of confusion.

To be clear, CBD is not marijuana. While it may come from the same plant, there is a vast difference between CBD compounds, and THC compounds (which are the strains in hemp that carry its infamous psycho-active properties). CBD is separate from THC because it doesn’t share psych-active properties and is legal to cultivate in all states.

Using CBD will not make you high. It will not show up on a drug test and will not impair your decision making process. You will not become chemically addicted to it, and you can stop at any time without worrying about withdrawals. Simply put, cannabidiols are just compounds found naturally in hemp that can help aid and heal the body. They should never be confused with THC and it’s often illegal and psycho-active properties.

Ok. But then…

How Does CBD Work?

CBD works by interacting with the systems of your body known as Endocannabinoid System or ECS. The ECS is responsible for regulating your body and serving as the “communication system” between the vital organs and parts. It also has important regulatory roles over the brain, immune tissue and hormone production in the body.

By enhancing the ECS with CBD supplements, you are allowing your body to build better communication networks and pathways, which in turn will lead to a better sense of overall health and wellness within the overall system. This is CBD at its finest work.

Great. But what about the…

Health Benefits?

CBD comes in a variety of forms to suit the user, and can be used to bring about a myriad of health benefits and boosts for the body and its ECS. Alongside pain relief, CBD may also plays an important role in increasing appetite, reducing anxiety, improving sleep cycles and strengthening the circulatory system. All of this is a natural solution.

And by natural - we mean it. CBD contains all of the naturally occurring compounds one would expect to find in hemp such as terpenes, healthy fats, cannabinoids and much more. Studies also state that users who constantly include CBD in their diet believe they are experiencing better health and mental fortitude.

Cool. But how do I…

Getting Started

You’ve already taken the first step.

Without realizing it, your journey on the road to health and wellness through CBD has already left the station… and you’re at the controls. Let Cachet Brands become a daily stop for your learning and CBD needs as we build out your journey and customize our interactive blog that will include you all as the readers, partners and collaborators too.

We at Cachet Brands are so excited and honored to share this journey with you. Know that we will always be here to support and help you through any questions or lessons you might need in getting started on your CBD journey. Be sure to check back daily for more health and wellness tips that will change your life and leave a smile on your face.

If you would like to try our products please keep in mind that our products are made in the USA, 3rd party lab tested and is made from only the best ingredients. Shop now and see the difference.

Ashley Everett and Jay Burton, the owners of Cachet Brands, are creating premium CBD for an active community of athletes, fitness enthusiasts, dancers, entertainment professionals and creatives. They hope to always provide quality CBD infused products that are consistent, high quality and trusted. If you have any questions, please contact us.

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